Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a new game by Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. Games, set in their iconic Arkham Batman universe. And spoiler alert, it has no qualms delivering on its title. They kill Batman at the end, and people are seriously upset about it.

Fans have quite the villainous relationship with DC’s Suicide Squad IP, and Warner Brothers even spent 185 million dollars in 2021 remaking its 2016 Suicide Squad mega-flop. While the second movie was received lukewarmly, nobody will argue that the concept came close to its potential. But anti-heroes and superheroes are in right now, and Warner Bros. had to have one last crack at things, this time off the big screen.

The Arkham Batman trilogy is considered one of the best superhero gaming franchises of all time and is beloved by DC fans and regular gamers alike. So shoe horning Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League into that game’s established universe seems like a good idea right? Well, only if you’re going to do it justice.

“I'm aware the Arkham games are held in pretty high regard,” @KadinSketch asked on Twitter, “so then... why is this set in the same universe as that?”

“Laziness and money,” @buggy_con responded.

It’s pretty easy to turn around and say, “The name of the game is suicide squad kill the justice league…” as @Trueben14 put it, so why be upset when that happens? But to anyone who sank their heart and soul into the originals, it feels like a shot in the head.

Plenty of fans compared their feelings to those of Star Wars, Halo, Indiana Jones, and The Last of Us fans who were also forced to reckon with underwhelming reboots.

So no, I don’t care that they killed Batman. I care that they killed this Batman in this way. And you should too (or not, whatever).