Grand Theft Auto 5 -  Rockstar has sold more than 20 million units of the game in 2020 alone, making it a cash cow of limitless potential.


If Rockstar having the collective balls-of-a-generation in their own, personal, Billion dollar-vice-grip enough wasn't enough, the news out today showing just how much of our money they've collected, should be.  

Grand Theft Auto has become one of the biggest cash cows in gaming, and Rockstar is continuing to rake in profit, and at higher levels, for their 8-year-old game. In 2020 Rockstar sold more than 20 million units, the most since the game's release in 2013. 

So at this rate, more people will have bought GTA over the next ten years than the previous. And with the sparse rumor here and there about a potential GTA VI on the horizon I can't help but wonder, where is the motivation for Rockstar to release a follow-up. 

And yes, older games do have long buying lives, though compared to other popular titles, GTA is still in a world of its own. 

So please, if you ever want to see a new Grand Theft Auto, stop buying the old game!