If you don't follow Twitch streamers closely (and there's no reason anyone should), you may not know about all the ways they can get money.

Bigger names sign deals with streaming platforms to provide exclusive content and share in profits from ads played during their streams, in addition to monthly income from their paying subscribers.

But almost all streamers start out by getting donations from viewers. And because some people get so attached to streamers, it's not unprecedented for them to donate $5K, $10K, or even $25K.

One streamer named Pokimane recently put a cap on donations, limiting any single donation to $5.

She says she gets so much money through other means that she doesn't want to take random people's money every time she sits down at her computer.

While a lot of people applauded her, many called her hypocritical and stuck up for telling people not to give her money after spending years convincing them to give it to her.

This streamer has been accused of somewhat manipulating the men (or simps) who follow her and insist on giving her their money, so in some way she's trying to cut back on that.

It's just funny to see people take such offense at someone trying to make others save money.

But in a world where OnlyFans is becoming the number one way to pay for college (TK fact check), some are going to hate on those who beat the system.

homie I'm not buying your onlyfans

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