Earlier this month Nintendo debuted a demo of the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey to hundreds of Best Buy stores across the United States. Although most gamers have taken this as an opportunity to try out the game ahead of release, others are using it as a platform for speedrunning competitions.

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The demo features three missions, "Atop the Highest Tower", "Moon Shards in the Sand", and "Showdown on the Inverted Pyramid". Completing these along with defeating the final boss is considered a complete playthrough.

The first speedrun ever was posted by Fengari, who clocked in at 7:10:23

However, that record was smashed just a day later by Jacob Babione, who set a world record at 6:39:07.

In these videos you can see a variety of neat tricks and maneuvers that take advantage of Mario's toolkit and find the quickest ways to get over obstacles. While rushing through levels like this won't be required, it'll be appetizing for showoffs who want to impress their friends.

Gamers are remarking how Super Mario Odyssey has incredible speedrun potential. When it releases on October 27th speedruns like this are undoubtedly going to become a big thing for YouTube.