Fornite World Cup champion Bugha's house was swatted during a recent live stream.

Fortnite World Cup champion Kyle Giersdorf who goes by the name "Bugha" online was live on Twitch streaming the game this weekend when his home was swatted

Urban Dictionary definition for swatting.

Luckily, one of his viewers clipped the precise moment this went down. In the video below, you can hear him get distracted by his dad yelling at him and then all of a sudden his character stops moving and he is gone from the stream.

The next video is when he finally gets back on stream. According to Polygon, he was only gone for 10 minutes, which seems very quick for something like that. 

Luckily for the 16-year-old, one of the officers present lives in the neighborhood and recognized him which was the main reason why the situation was defused so quickly.