After nearly a decade in the limelight, beloved Fortnite stream Tfue is hanging up his controller.

On Wednesday, June 20, Tfue who amassed 11.4 million Twitch followers during his more than nine years on the platform, took to YouTube with a nearly 40-minute YouTube video detailing his decision to take a step back from livestreaming, a decision he said largely stemmed from burnout from

“I used gaming to kind of escape from reality,” the 25-year-old explained in the video, featuring several clips from his early streaming days. “Now I use reality to escape from fucking work. I just feel fucking kinda trapped sometimes, you know.”

Even with this decision, Tfue explained that he had no regrets in how his Twitch career played out.

“Fuck man, it’s been a long fucking road, dude. I feel like I’m about to cry,” he explained, noting that he “wouldn’t take anything back for the world.”

Though Tfue was unsure of what, exactly, the future held for him in terms of his online career, he reiterated his dedication to recharging.

“Who knows if I’ll be back. Maybe, who knows. I just need time to get away. I feel like earlier in my gaming career I used gaming to escape from reality, and I feel like now I use reality to escape from fucking work, you know?”

Here’s to Tfue – because we all need a break from time to time.