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Riot Games’ Valorant is a 5-on-5 online multiplayer first-person shooter that's picking up steam.

Developed by the makers of League of Legends, the currently desktop-only game is all about sneakily taking out your opponents while trying to plant a “spike” to win the game (or defend against it, if you’re the defending team). 

valorant video game boost jump

In a game that requires careful strategy on top of mad hand-eye coordination and keyboard-mashing skills, gaining vertical advantage is an absolute must. Thanks to Reddit user kratzk0pp, there’s now a better way to unleash death from above.

The exploit lets players jump higher than normal so you can get an advantage. Because as Obi-Wan showed Anakin, it’s all over when you have the high ground.  

Here’s how to execute the boost jump perfectly:

STEP 1: Make your agent stand on a ridge.

STEP 2: Get ready to jump and hold the crouch key.


STEP 3: Jump and time it just right, releasing the crouch key as soon as your avatar hits where you want to land.

The key is to release the crouch key the moment you hit the object you want to jump onto. Just crouching while jumping won't cut it.

It may take a few tries, but it’s pretty easy to get the hang of.

Why is the high ground so important in Valorant?

In any tactical shooter game, getting a better view of the battleground and being able to spot hiding enemies is already a huge help.

With this jump boost, you can combine it with other movements to get even farther ahead.

boost jump exploit valorant video game

boost jump w/ a land mine combo

You can use it with a bunny hop, with a Sage wall, or basically any other way you can strategize to make sure that your enemies never see you coming.

Because if there’s one thing you need on your side in Valorant, it’s the element of surprise.

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