Coconut Mall - Mario Kart - Cars Move

Mario Kart Wii is without a doubt one of the greatest games of all time. I'm sure any one of you who either owned a Wii, or made the regular trek over to a buddy's house who did, can remember the white knuckled terror, frustration, and fleeting moments of utter euphoria that accompanied the treasured memories being made. One of the most well liked tracks from that game, Coconut Mall, had made its return to Mario Kart 8, but not without controversy. 

One of the track's defining features came on the final stretch, where the Shy Guys drove their cars across the track, creating a perilous obstacle that could change the course of the race with just seconds to go. But they didn't move in Mario Kart 8. Until Now!

More than just driving back and forth, the Shy Guys now bob up and down like low riders, and pull drifts and donuts. Sparking joy and memes, the fans are happy, and you know the Shy Guys are happy too. Coconut Mall is back!