If you’ve been on Twitter at any point over the past day, you’ve probably heard about a missing submarine. If you haven’t, in short, a tiny 5-person ‘submersible’ called the Titan set out Sunday morning to explore the Titanic’s wreckage and has been missing ever since.

With only a few days worth of oxygen onboard, the race is on to find the lost submarine and its passengers, who each shelled out in excess of $250,000 for a glimpse at the famed Titanic wreckage.

But as more details emerge, it’s becoming difficult to believe that the craft, which has been shuttling passengers to the wreck site since 2021 by OceanGate Expeditions, has gone this long without an incident.

Last year, a CBS segment detailed that the “craft has not been approved or certified by any regulatory body," and is, believe it or not, operated by a $29.99 Logitech G F710 gaming controller.

“How the hell has the human species made it this far?” @heroicgg commented.

It is hard to believe that perhaps the most important control input device on what OceanGate Expeditions calls the “only crewed vehicle capable of taking 5 people 4,000 meters deep,” is a cheap plastic controller designed for pc gamers back in 2010.

“Should have brought backup AA batteries,” @hollywoodx95 joked.

Unfortunately, searching for a deep-sea submarine is an excessively difficult prospect, and even if the Titan were able to surface on its own, it can only be opened from the outside. There is still time to find the stricken expedition, but it is fleeting.

On the bright side, the Logitech G F710 comes with a four-star review, batteries included, dual vibration feedback, and a reported battery life of multiple weeks.