This last weekend the Rocket League World Championship was host in Washington DC. With a prize pool of $150,000, the best teams in the world converged in a battle of car soccer experts.

Although there were quite a few amazing plays, the star of the show was undoubtedly Cloud 9 Squishy's play which managed to put his team up 3 - 2 against Method during crunch time.

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The play began with him punching the ball off the top of his car while climbing the side wall. He then launched himself off the wall and did a perfectly controlled hover, eventually performing a backflip and laying the ball in the goal for the score.

The audience exploded as if Jon Bon Jovi had just walked on-stage with a microphone.

It's really something. Check it out:

Cloud 9 would end up losing the match, claiming third place in the tournament for $16,000.