This 24 karat gold-plated, Nintendo Wii was made in 2009 by Big Family Games, publisher THQ, as a gift for the Queen of England. And while the Queen never received the item, it was collected and kept by Donny Fillerup, a person we have no reason to assume isn't real. 

Well, we know the Queen never received the console and surely never played it, and the eBay listings buy it now price is set at $300,000. So if you have that kind of dough, and are looking to blow it, this is your golden ticket. 

If your thinking, that's a lot of gold, maybe I can smelt this thing down, remember it's gold-plated, with 24 karat gold, and while the specs on the listing list the item at 5.2 lbs, much of that weight is hardware. A normal Nintendo Wii weighs 2.7 lbs, so the remaining 2.5 pounds of gold roughly comes out to 75 thousand dollars give or take. 

So while this item is strange, the asking price of 300k is a little step in our minds. No wonder this guy is trying to sell it, the Queen of England didn't even want it, and who doesn't want free gold?