I am jesus christ

You’ve heard of “Farm Simulator,” “Surgeon Simulator,” even “Goat Simulator.” Well now SimulaM and PlayWay are bringing you the savior of all simulators: “I am Jesus Christ.”

Based on the life of Jesus, this game does its best to replicate stories from the Bible, but incorporates classic video game elements like an energy bar in the form of rechargeable ‘Holy Spirit.’ That being said, you also fight Satan with energy balls in a lava pit more akin to Mustafar from Star Wars than the Holy Land.

Jesus christ simulator

Perhaps the most surprising part of this game is the fact that it's made in complete seriousness. Other unorthodox simulators, (like the aforementioned Goat), understand their place as parodies within their own genre, and with the Jesus of this game behaving more like an action hero than a pacifist humanitarian, it certainly has that satiric feel to it. There are even little polaroid photos in the game’s Bible. However the developers are firm in their belief that a serious Jesus game must be made no matter the meme potential, and are already in the works in developing games around Moses, and Noah’s Ark. Maybe that one will have an “Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag” feel to it.

Jesus simulator

“I am Jesus Christ” is set to release this December, and I guess we have to take it seriously, despite, you know, that it’s a Jesus simulator.