I love cats, as my eBaum's username might suggest. Not only do I love my cat, I love cat memes. Especially dancing or jamming cat memes. This new Twitch emote called CatJAM has become a meme in certain streamer's chats, and has extended outside of Twitch into certain meme sub Reddits.

This meme is pretty new so I'm not sure as to what Twitch streamer first used it, but this was the first meme I saw of it on r/dankmemes. It's also unknown, to me at least, who this grooving cat belongs to and to the source video of the emote.

As soon as I saw it, I did some more digging and noticed that fans of popular streamer 'xQc' successfully lobbied him in their sub to add CatJAM to the chat. This meme came after that, so it's likely that's where this meme started to pop off. 

Here are some more CatJAM memes I enjoyed. 

These are pretty new, so I hope I see many more CatJAM memes as the days meow and jam by.