Farming might not be the most elegant craft, but 2015 best seller Stardew Valley sure made it seem cool. Within a year of release millions of gamers were hooked on harvesting crops and making the big bucks.

Among them was Tim, a full-time farmer who harvests rice and almonds for a living. While his farming life might make you assume he isn't big on technology, you'd be wrong. On an average day he spends several hours gaming on his Nintendo Switch while driving around in a tractor, a tractor that guides itself using GPS. 

Apparently it's normal for farmers to entertain themselves while on the tractor. In this case, Stardew Valley is a favorite.

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Tim shot himself into the spotlight this week when he posted an image on Reddit of himself farming while farming. The post quickly caught on, eventually earning hundreds of comments, many of which he replied to, offering insight into the life of a farmer.

Below are some of the highlights of the comment section: