Final Fantasy VII was one of the easier Final Fantasy games to beat. While you could level your party to 99 and strengthen their materia to a point where it could obliterate the final series of bosses, most players ended the game around level 55 to 65. While that number might seem insignificant, it still required dozens of hours of slaughtering enemies.

So, while level 99 at the end of the game is a feat in its own right, Twitch streamer CirclMaster doesn't find it all that impressive. To a point where he decided he would grind through all 99 levels using only the game's starting area.

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The journey would require many hours of repetitive combat scenarios, to say the least. Cloud and Barret, or Dick and Tree as he named them, would eventually reach the level cap of 99 after killing thousands of the same two types of enemies. As a reward, CirclMaster was able to annihilate everything in Midgard.

CirclMaster happened to record the moment where he reached level 99 and then battled a few low level enemies. For anyone who appreciates Final Fantasy VII, it's quite a spectacle. Check it out:

Sephiroth is in for a real surprise.