As TV news audiences die out, on-air personalities are trying everything they can to garner attention from young viewers.

One such TV personality is weatherman Adam Krueger, or @weatheradam on TikTok. As an on-screen weatherman for CW39 in Houston, Krueger is responsible for telling viewers what weather they can expect in the coming days.

However, it seems that Krueger is getting bored with his job, leading him to try to squeeze in various user challenges into his broadcast. Olivia Rodrigo lyrics? He’s done it. The South Park intro? Yup. The phrase “I’ve been trying to reach out about your car’s extended warranty”? Unbelievably, that too.

Recently, however, Krueger took on his greatest challenge to date: trying to include as many Fortnite references as possible.

@weatheradam Replying to @au_kingslayer Ready up! It’s time for @Fortnite Official in the weather! #fortnite #fortniteclips #fortnitememes @Fortnite @Fortnite @fortnite24_365 @Fortnite by Gamelancer @Fortnite @FortFlix @Nick Eh 30 @Ninja @Bugha #sneakingwordsintheweather ♬ Lobby Classic - JFK

Sure, some work better than others. “Battle Royale” and “cranking 90s” come out alright, while Krueger’s use of phrases like “loot” and “battle bus” may have some older viewers wondering if they’re having a stroke. Still, it’s a remarkable feat, and users on TikTok were impressed by what they saw.

“At this point, even the FBI is wondering how he isn’t fired,” wrote one user. “I can actually understand weather wow,” added another. “Dude's [boss] is like, ‘He’s messing up the forecast but he’s too funny to fire,’” offered a third.

If you’re curious whether you can get him to say something you want, all of his posts are responses to viewer comments. So, if you really want a Texas weatherman to talk about Evangelion or try to resurrect a dead meme, just hop on over to TikTok and leave a comment.

My current favorite from his comments section? “Scream for a solid 15 seconds.” Here’s hoping he actually does it.