Gamers are pissed off right now, and for good reason. EA wants to inconvenience everyone enough that paying $59.99 for a video game just isn't enough. If successful, this can and will change the gaming landscape for years to come, effectively turning the console and PC gaming market into a monetization-focused mess like mobile gaming.

But just where is the most outrage coming from?

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The team over at have created a map of the U.S. indicating where the most angry Tweets about Star Wars Battlefront 2 are coming from. The map uses geotagging of over 100,000 tweets along with mapping software to give us a better idea of what state the most number of outspokenly upset gamers hail from.

As denoted by the key, the darker states have the most angry tweets, and people there are just about ready to have a brain aneurysm. Lighter colored states are probably too preoccupied by Super Mario Odyssey to even think about EA's latest blunder.

These are the top 10 angriest states according to the data:

1. Delaware
2. Washington
3. Nevada
4. Arizona
5. Wisconsin
6. New Hampshire
7. Utah
8. Illinois
9. New York
10. Indiana

As a gamer who lives in Washington, I can confirm that it's wartime out here. One more peep from EA and we're putting on our boxing gloves (though, we probably won't even go outside since the weather is horrible this week).

Of course, this data only takes into account tweets, which is a very limited way to look at the big picture. However, this is the clearest picture of this trainwreck we can get right now.