The rare Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Yugioh card.

There are rare cards, and then there's Yugioh Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. This card isn't just highly sought after, it's one of the most valuable pieces of cardboard in existence, with a valuation that approaches the price of a large boat.

Tokyo's popular Card Shop Spiral recently acquired the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and is selling it for a whopping $402,000, quickly gaining the attention of media and card lovers in the area.

Here's the card front and center in its shop:

In this image we get a little closer, but not too close so the shop owner doesn't shoot the camera man.

Yugioh expert Raven "Yoshi" M. explained why the card sells for so much:

Meanwhile, a random Japanese guy offered his perspective:

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Here are some other things you could purchase for the same price:

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You pick.