Hey guys, JBRogerThat here. You know, the guy who writes the s*** feeches?

It's been nearly a year since I joined the team here at eBaum's World. At that time, we had some gamers on the team (i.e. MrModJeans), but nobody who was a gaming expert.

And then I arrived.

While electronic baldman's world isn't necessarily a gaming website, I've worked alongside legends such as PepperPeanut and RiverboatRon to provide some quality content for those of you out there who care about godding wars and forting nights.

As I look back on these months I'm very happy with what we've accomplished: hundreds of gaming feeches, some quality discussion, and a partnership on Twitch.

Thanks everyone for the support, and I particularly want to thank Dildozer and SexyFallenAngel for supporting us during so many livestreams, cofagcity for killing it on the submissions, and WeAintLying for putting so much effort into posting blogs.

As we turn the page on this chapter of baldman, I'd like to remember the good times with some of the best feeches the world has seen during the past year.

1. 10 Epic Rage Quits You Need To See

Even if you aren't into gaming, these fails are worth a watch.

2. 10 Games So Bad You Shouldn't Consider Playing Them Under Any Circumstances

We spend a lot of time celebrating good games on electronic baldman, but in this one, we looked at games so bad they made us sick to our stomach.

3. 10 Incredibly Rare Games Worth Thousands Of Dollars

You may want to check your grandma's attic to see if she has one of these valuable gems in there. This was my biggest gaming feech, so check it out.

4. 15 Gaming Secrets That Blew Our Minds

You like secrets. We like secrets. This feech has secrets.

5. A Look Back At The Insanity Of PlayStation 2's Launch Day

The PlayStation 2 is the best-selling console of all-time. Of course, we had to look back at its epic launch that lefts millions of young gamers heartbroken.

6. After 35 Years Of Cheating, Gaming Legend Todd Rogers Has Finally Been Caught

This was one of the biggest gaming stories of early 2018 and involved the most prolific record holder in gaming being caught cheating in a huge scandal.

7. After You See This $30,000 Gaming PC You'll Need $100 To Replace Your Ruined Pants

This is a new one that is worth a watch. Yup, a $30,000 computer.

8. Cool Gaming Inspired Nail Art

SexyFallenAngel demonstrated her pro skills with this killer feech.

9. eBaum's Interviews The Guy Behind The World's Most Realistic PC Game Mods

Electronic baldman established itself as a professional outlet for this piece.

10. Guy Donates Entire $300k Savings On Twitch, Fakes GoFundMe Page To Recoup Debt

This guy got trolled so hard.

11. LAN Cheater Gets Slapped So Hard It Sounds Like A Lightning Bolt

Everyone can respect a high-quality cheater slap, right?

12. PUBG's Camel Toe Controversy Ends With Developer Apologizing To SJWs

SJW's won this time.

13. SNES Classic Edition Review - I'm Glad I Didn't Have One As A Kid

We reviewed a few products over the past year. The SNES Classic was definitely a highlight.

14. The Top 20 PC Games Of All-Time

What are your favorite PC games? These are ours.

15. Top 10 Games With The Best Graphics In 2017

Graphics sure have come a long way.

16. Ugandan Knuckles Is A Hilarious Meme That's Taken Gaming By Storm

And finally, this meme write-up was a huge hit that made us laugh and cry at the same time.

We hope you enjoyed these feeches. Now it's time for me to launch into outer space. Godspeed.