Best Gaming Memes All Time 2018

You love memes, and we have plenty of them. In this feature we're going to look at 10 of the most popular gaming related memes in history using data from our sister site KnowYourMeme.

Enjoy the list below, and let us know which are your favorites.

10. Combo Breaker

Year Of Origin: 2004

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You know that feeling when you have a nice little streak going and someone else ruins it? COMBO BREAKER.

This Killer Instinct inspired meme was born on YTMND and quickly caught on with gamers. It's since been used to describe anytime that a combo is ruined, either through failure or violence (or both).

9. My Body Is Ready

Year Of Origin: 2007

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When Nintendo executive Reggie Fils-Aime walked on stage to present the company's E3 2007 announcements, he had no idea he was about to be reborn as a meme.

The moment the Wii Balance Board arrived on-stage, he said his body was ready in a way that etched its way into gamer memories around the world. 11 years later he holds his executive position at the company and can't be seen without someone mentioning the meme.

8. Finish Him

Year Of Origin: 1992

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Mortal Kombat made headlines with its violence in the early 90's. As much as parents hated the idea of martial artists wearing bright Ninja costumes tearing each other's heads off, teenagers loved it.

Since then, millennials have used Finish Him any time someone is about to get rekt. Perfect.

7. Leeroy Jenkins

Year Of Origin: 2005

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For every skilled gamer you have, there are at least 10 noobs ready to destroy your group by mistake. Such was the case in the famous Leeroy Jenkins video where an entire group of die-hard players had their night ruined by a single wacko.

6. The Cake Is A Lie

Year Of Origin: 2007

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Valve's Portal was filled to the brim with bizarre references that often times made you feel like the creators of the game were either trolling you or losing their minds.

One of those references was a cake which you encountered throughout the game in various ways, including through the command line of a computer. To-date nobody knows for certain if the cake really exists, but we do have some dank memes at least.

5. Video Game Logic

Year Of Origin: 2009

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Yeah, video games might not be real, but sometimes their logic defies reality in a way that makes us reconsider how we view the world.

Given how consistent games are at being illogical, this meme has been a healthy one since its inception, making appearances just about every day on social media.

4. I Took An Arrow To The Knee

Year Of Origin: 2011

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Bethesda has a reputation for writing great stories, and unforgettable dialog. This meme is exemplary of its capabilities.

In the game, you could regularly bump into NPC guards who would mention hat they used to be an adventurer until they took an arrow to the knee. The dialog was awkward and repeated so often that it soon found its way on seemingly every website on the internet.

3. Do A Barrel Roll

Year Of Origin: 1997

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Star Fox 64 was a pretty good game, and so is this timeless meme that the game created. Since then millions of gamers have asked one another to do a barrel roll, all with spectacular results.

2. All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Year Of Origin: 1998

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It wasn't until 11 years after Zero Wing's launch that the game would become one of the most well-known memes of all-time. This classic made fun of broken English in the game, along with the game's bizarre art style.

The meme was popular on eBaum's World during its early days and has made its way into dozens of games as an easter egg.

1. Zerg Rush

Year Of Origin: 2004

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The internet was Zerg Rushed by Zerg Rush memes in 2004 as gamers found every reason to make reference to StarCraft's blood-thirsty Zerg. This fictional insectoid alien race had a tendency to swarm enemies in large numbers, destroying them through force.

While StarCraft has fallen off in favor of MOBAs like League of Legends at this point, its soul has lived on in the form of Zerg Rush. This meme has generated tens of millions of views and countless references since 2004.