Virtual reality is a wild new frontier. As many people have learned, keeping your composure when playing an immersive experience that isolates you in the digital world can prove challenging, and pretty darn funny.

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It seems like every few weeks there's a new video of someone failing while trying out virtual reality for their first time, so in this feature we've decided to distill that list down to just five that are well worth watching. Check them out.

5. Tree Climbing Fail

Nobody ever said climbing trees is easy. This guy found out the hard way that patience is a virtue, especially when you're virtually scaling up a huge wall and the only thing keeping you from plunging face first into the ground are your distracted motor skills.

4. Grandma Loses It

My grandma was blown away by Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. I can only imagine how much she'd flip out when playing virtual reality. In this highlight an older lady is absolutely mesmerized by the kind of experience the Oculus Rift offers. After all, back in her day computers didn't even exist.

3. Friendly Fire

You know what they say: keep your finger off the trigger unless you're prepared to shoot. Good thing this wasn't real life or we'd have a felony charge on our hands.

2. Just Breaking Things

No virtual reality fail list would be complete without some sort of casualty. In this funny video you can see a middle-aged man get his mind exploded by VR and then start dismantling his house by accident.

1. RollerCoaster Freak Out

Playing a rollercoaster game in virtual reality is intense enough, let alone when a guy you don't know pushes you forward. This poor fellow starts flailing around like a beach-landed fish.

Bonus. Dog Tries VR

<3 doggo.