As perfectly explained by this guy, Twitch has had a serious problem with "bikini cam girls", as they call them, livestreaming on its site. Twitch is intended to be family friendly, and specifically for streaming video game content. However, hundreds of ladies have been able to dwell in the IRL section of the site unopposed, making thousands of dollars from donations and subscriptions.

That time might be coming to an end.

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Twitch is now pushing against ladies who use cleavage and suggestive material to try and make a quick buck on the site, especially those who don't even bother to play games most of the time. 

The news began with Amouranth being banned yesterday, one of the site's most popular ladies with hundreds of thousands of views. Her channel being brought down quickly triggered discussion on social media. And, just a couple hours later, she made the announcement official via a video where she argued that other Twitch ladies do worse things than her. And, you guessed it, she's wearing a revealing spaghetti string top in the video. Because it just has to be that way, apparently.

Twitch has since confirmed to Polygon that "changes are being made to the non-endemic section of the guidelines, which will remove the non-gaming portion".

Although Twitch has been huge for Amouranth's success, her Patreon has recently become an even bigger part of her portfolio. It is here that she offers "lewd photos and videos" to those pay upward of $60 and $100 per month respectively.