JustaMinx is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers with a following of over two million subscribers, and two days ago, she tweeted a series of videos that documented her night out at a strip club.

The night started off fine, with the streamer requesting a song from Netflix’s Wednesday, and getting everyone in the club to dance. However, her series of videos took a turn for the worse when she began slurring her words while a stranger wouldn't leave her alone. 

She soon calls an Uber in an attempt to leave the club, but the stranger, intent on following her, begins to insist they share a ride together. Security appears to be unhelpful while the stranger follows her out of the bar. 

Her videos capture every moment up until she enters her Uber, with the stranger outside of the car offering to pay the driver cash to get in. The driver is responsible and doesn’t allow it. The next day she took to Twitter again, realizing her drink was spiked. 

Friends began reaching out with advice and sharing experiences, suggesting she go to a hospital, and have the club check security camera footage. She explained through tweets that she’s recovering, confirming that she’s now in good care and “one with bed now.”