Last night Twitch partner "KaceyTron" was banned from Twitch for an "insensitive" coronavirus comment that Amazon-owned Twitch deemed to be “hate speech”.

According to, Kaceytron had over 500k followers at the time of her ban and has been one of Twitch's biggest stars in the "just chatting" section, where streamers will chat with their followers or generally do just about anything that isn't directly tied to a specific game. 

KaceyTron was also notably responsible for #slutstreamday, which according to was a "Twitch fundraising event to benefit Freedom 4/24, an organization which supports victims of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking". 

While appearing on the 'Rajj show', hosted by Twitch partner Rajj Patel, KaceyTron makes a comment about intentionally infecting older people. This clip ended up on Reddit's /r/livestreamfail (LSF), a subreddit dedicated to, well, fails caught on livestream. 

Here is the clip in question that got Kaceytron banned:

In the clip, KaceyTron (lower right corner) is asked: "If he had the coronavirus, would you kiss him?" To which she replied, "Yes. And we would leave quarantine and we would try to spread it as much as possible. Because the world would be a better place without old and poor people." 

Joke or not, I think we can all agree with Minx's reaction on this:

For up-to-date information about coronavirus (Covid-19) please visit the World Health Organization and the Center For Disease Control and Prevention