Last year, Twitch streamer AdrianahLee posted a tweet claiming that another streamer, CrazySlick, sexually assaulted her, but the allegations never came to light. Until September 2022 after Sliker was accused of scamming his fans and fellow streamers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars for his gambling addiction. 

CrazySlick used false stories about how his bank account had been locked and his bills were piling up to scam people into paying for his gambling.

The controversy triggered a discussion on social media about banning gambling from Twitch with fellow streamer Mizkif supporting the calls for bans. However, popular streamer Trainwreck disagreed, saying that people should be held accountable for their own addiction and that Twitch shouldn't be the one to stop them.

Mizkif responded by saying that Trainwreck should be banned from Twitch for supporting a fraudulent cryptocurrency, Jolt Coin, to which Trainwreck responded by saying that if Mizkif wanted to start beef he shouldn't have helped cover up the sexual assault of AdrianahLee a year prior. Mizkif then deleted all his comments about the subject.

The story went viral, causing tense controversy among popular Twitch streamers and fans. This caused another popular streamer, Ice Poseiden, to call out Mizkif saying, "I brought you into this world, and now I'm taking you out," bringing to light posted several private messages between the two where Mizkif was using racist and homophobic language.

CrazySlick deleted his social media and stopped streaming altogether. Mizkif was suspended from Twitch and OTK, the streaming group he co-founded, and has stepped away from streaming until further notice.