In 2019, Twitch amended their guidelines for proper streaming attire instituting a rule that allows streamers to wear bathing suits if “it completely covers the genitals, and those who present as women must also cover their nipples.” 

The rule used to apply only to streams taking place near pools or other bodies of water, however, a lax moderation of the rules by Twitch has created an entirely new mode of streaming, 'Hot Tub' chat. 

And recently, the Twitch community has been debating the good and bad of this new trend. 

Now, while MsBanana makes a good point about the quality of content Twitch wants to support, the fact that hot tub streams don't seem to break Twitch's rules should answer that question for her. 

And please don't assume I'm a narc, these hot tub streams don't hold a flame to the YouTube yoga moms. If you know what I mean. 

So while yes, it's safe to say Hot Tub streams are pretty shitty, and there are better ways to engage with wet, naked women online, Twitch is never going to win here. Sorry, it's the internet, people want horny. But if you're worried about the over-sexualization of content on the world's premier live-streaming services, whose audience is mostly comprised of children, you're not alone, but you are a loser. 

The screenshots from Ms. Banana's above tweet. Insert, "the absolute state of Twitch".