Baka Mitai memes, also known as Dame Da Ne, are popping up all over the place in the form of a deep fake video trend. People are using deep fake technology to make various meme characters look like they are singing a song from a karaoke mini game in the video game, "Yakuza 0". It's easier to show you rather than tell you.

This is the earliest known video using the song Baka Mitai and deep fake technology, using the face of YanderDev. 

Here are some other examples in case you don't quite get it yet.

This one is overkill, in my opinion.

Oh actually never mind, this one is WAY more overkill.


Here is a tutorial on how exactly to make these deep fake memes.

Deep fake memes seem like they could become a huge trend in future meme edits. This could be the first of many deep fake memes that make it big in 2020 and beyond.