Mark zuckerberg - Horizon Worlds

Everybody's favorite alien Mark Zuckerberg has struck once again, and this time it seems that his blank expression and questionable hairline have made their way into his Metaverse avatar. After this post announcing that Horizon Worlds, (Meta’s VR platform), was being released in France and Spain, people took to the internet to comment on the CEO’s awful appearance.

Mark zuckerberg - metaverse

This is far from the first time that people have felt something about Zuckerberg looked off, but the fact that it seems even worse in VR doesn’t bode well for any public image improvement in the near future. On top of that, with Facebook changing its name to Meta and investing ludicrous amounts of money into the Metaverse, one would hope that the end result looks better than this. In an age of staggering realism in video game graphics, Meta’s VR platform should look better than my Mii from the Wii released back in 2006. 

Mark zuckerberg - VR