hades video game

Supergiant Games is one of the best indie video game developers, and their latest Hades is a great foray into the roguelike genre.

Whether you're already a fan of roguelikes or aren't familiar with them—they're games you play through dungeon-like levels over and over again—Hades is definitely worth checking out.

Currently it's available on Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, and Apple iOS for $24.99.

The game takes place in hell and tasks your character, Zagreus, the son of Hades, with escaping the land of the dead.

It differentiates itself from others in the genre with by using power-ups—called Boons. Gods like Aphrodite, Zeus, and Poseidon offer these power-ups to help you on on your journey. 

hades video game

There are six different weapons to go along with these Boons, and each one creates a different gaming experience. I loved every second of the game, whether it was fighting my way through the hordes or engaging in the rewarding NPC conversations. 

The game's gorgeous visuals are likewise captivating, and they make every room more enjoyable to explore and spend extra time in. The character portraits and voice acting are also stupendous. 

There’s a reason the gameplay loop of Hades works so well, and that’s because every aspect of the game is basically perfect.

From the weapon choice and dialogue interactions, to the satisfying combat gameplay, this is one of the best roguelikes I’ve ever played. 

Hades is an absolutely essential experience for anyone, even if you don't think you're a fan of the genre.