The color yellow that people are changing their profile pictures to for gamer pride month.

Gamers Rise Up! In an attempt to parody social media campaigns where participants change their profile pictures to a color to express solidarity such as Blue for Sedan and LGBTQ+ Pride Month, "oppressed gamers" are changing their profile pictures to yellow for the month of July. 


Twitter user @jakegrnr posted an image of Sonic the Hedgehog to announce the end of pride month and the start of "gamer month." This image was eventually reposted to different gaming subreddits and iFunny where the below text explaining the idea comes from. From there the popularity of the idea began to spread. 

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The idea has gained a lot of momentum on both Twitter and Instagram with popular meme accounts such as @lushsux embracing the idea.


Gamer Pride Month Joker Gamers Rise Up Meme

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July is gamer pride month: aye gamers, its july and you know what that means

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Legit, since it's gamer month this is gonna be my pfpVia Know Your Meme

Happy Gamer Pride Month

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