Chances are that by now you've tried using voice commands on your phone. While things have gotten better over the years, you can expect Siri and Alexa to direct you into a dark alley every now and then or add something nonsensical to your calendar.

This technology actually goes back pretty far, even into the PlayStation 2 days when games still looked like blocks of Legos. In-fact, there was a game called Lifeline that released in 2003 that tried to pioneer a future with voice commands using any USB microphone. 

As you can probably imagine, the game was a bit of a mess since the game routinely got your voice inputs wrong. To a point where you'd end up in a cycle of the main character doing things that you didn't want her to.

Take for example in the case of when Twitch streamer MonotoneTim was playing the game this weekend in front of an audience. All he wanted was the main character, Rio, to smoke a damn cigar. And then she did this: 

And that's why you can't trust a computer.