Julian Jaye Dragon Ball Z cosplayer.

To some people hobbies are more than just something fun to do in the spare time. Take for example Julian Jaye Louw, a professional stuntman and dancer who has become so enamored by Dragon Ball Z that he decided to become one of the series' characters.

It was four years ago that Julian decided to make the transformation from regular homosapien to Trunks, turning his ordinary life into a real-life anime. 

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The transformation included hitting the gym every day instead of playing PC games, changing the color of his hair and eyebrows to something his parents didn't approve, and filling his closet with purple clothing imported from Hong Kong.

So just how well has it worked out? Well, you can see how he looks three years into the transformation in the video below.

For reference, here's Trunks from Dragon Ball Z:

And here's Power Level 9000 Julian Jaye Louw in his living room with a sword:

His bed got a transformation, too:

Do you think he looks like Trunks?

Julian currently has over 31,000 followers on Instagram where he's considered one of the platform's most popular superfans.