Some companies really need to calm down. If you need an example of this, look no further than Microsoft.

Recently, Redditor Daddy-Vegas was playing around on Baldur’s Gate 3 when he decided to have, in his words, “some naked camp time fun.” He recorded three clips of this adventure, which were automatically uploaded to the server from his Xbox.

This got him banned for a year.

byu/Daddy-Vegas inBaldursGate3

“Each clip counted as a different infraction and got my account banned for a year,” he explains in the post. “I’m hoping the appeals process fixes this, but as of now, I can’t play any game that requires a network connection.”

To summarize, he writes, “Don’t record game clips unless you want your account banned.”

Commenters promptly agreed that Microsoft had gone too far. “Feels weird that they can flag it for an infraction, but couldn’t just flair it with a mature tag and let it be a thing. Or, just say, ‘Hey, we saw this clip isn’t something we want shared, so we won’t do that,’” argued one. “This shouldn’t even be possible. It’s Microsoft-approved media so anything you record should be ‘okay.’ If they have an issue with content then it’s 100 percent on them,” added another.

Others claimed that Daddy-Vegas’ situation isn’t particularly unique. “made that mistake with the attack on titan game (which doesn’t even have any sort of inappropriate full frontal nudity), and didn’t get to appeal,” stated a different Redditor. “This happened to me last year with witcher 3,” stated a second.

Thankfully, Daddy-Vegas’ situation ended better than these other Redditors’. In a comment, he revealed that he received an email from Microsoft claiming that the company had “taken a second look at this case and have elected to lift this account’s current enforcement as well as remove all strikes relevant to this enforcement.”

But be warned, Xbox users: If you’re showing peen in a game, maybe opt to turn automatic uploads off. Or let me be the millionth person to tell you to switch to PC.