The popular Twitch streamer xQc made headlines last weekend when he signed a $70 million non-exclusive two-year deal with Kick, that is rumored to reach up to $100 million with incentives. That average annual value is on par with the highest-paid athletes in the world, and he hinted in a stream with Pokimane that the deal might be worth even more, and include equity. All that is to say, surely this is the kind of generational wealth anyone would try to protect at all costs.

But instead of doing that, xQc decided to blatantly disregard basic copyright law, and stream the entire Batman movie, The Dark Knight. It wasn’t until a Kick staffer informed him that he was “In violation of our DMCA policy” over an hour into the movie, that he ended the stream.

“Ah shit, makes sense,” he said.

But just a few days later, xQc is under fire once again for streaming an entire episode of Breaking Bad.

“Real question here,” @PescaroDB commented. “Why has it become acceptable for content creators to watch movies and tv shows on stream?”

It’s a legitimate question. One would think that a $100 million ‘free agent signing’ could come up with something better than watching a movie to kick off his Kick career. Preferably something that doesn’t get him the boot.