Boogie divorce

We're pretty big fans of Steven Williams a.k.a Boogie2988 over here at eBaum's World. And, actually, the feeling is mutual. He even made a fun redesign joke video for us back in 2012 that was seen by over 100,000 people.

If you aren't familiar, Boogie2988 is an online personality who gained fame for his "Francis Rages" videos, where he pretends to be triggered and talks with a funny lisp. Since then he's built a significant following sharing his opinion on trending gaming events and doing livestreams, to a point where Xbox executive Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb visited him during the Xbox One's launch and he's been featured as a panelist at conventions like Retropalooza.

On the surface Boogie2988 comes across as a happy, well spoken individual. And really, he is, but that's not to say he doesn't deal with his own personal problems.

A couple weeks ago during a stream he revealed that he and his wife were taking a break. Little more was said, triggering speculation.

Well, it turns out that things didn't get better. In a post today on his official Twitter page, he said the following:

I am at the DMV and this is literally the worst thing that has happened to me all day.  Which is surprising since I spent the morning at my lawyers office with my wife finalizing the terms for our divorce.

Fuck the DMV.  It is an actual hell hole.

The timing is pretty awful considering Boogie is currently pushing through a significant weight loss that began with surgery. He's already down over 100 pounds and you can visibly see the difference in his videos even though you only see his upper torso on the bottom of the screen.

So, why is this happening exactly? Well, Boogie kind of explained it in a follow up tweet:

Which btw yeah this is our way of telling you guys.  Wife said it was ok to tweet this.

Video with details will come eventually.

Tl;DR- we fell out of love and are splitting amicably as friends.  We will be fine :)

It sounds like the break-up was about as friendly as it could be, but we imagine that it's still an awful time for him. His wife played a big part in helping him during the past few years as he's built up a following, doing chores around the house, supporting him emotionally, and even helping out with YouTube and Twitch oriented stuff.

Here's to hoping that Boogie can push through this and meet a new gal.