15 Oddly Mundane Viking Facts to Put Us in the Mood for 'Assassin's Creed Valhalla'

assassin's creed valhalla

With the upcoming release of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, we're trying to get into the Viking spirit.

While the video game has some historical accuracies, it doesn't get everything right, and it leaves a lot to be imagined when it comes to the daily lives of average Vikings.

So to understand these captivating peoples a little better, we gathered 15 unexpected Viking facts you never really cared about until now. When you realize how "normal" real Vikings were, it'll make Assassin's Creed Valhalla that much more amazing.

Vikings Didn’t Wear Horned Helmets

viking round helmet

Hell, a lot of vikings didn’t even wear helmets at all apparently.

I felt like I’ve been cheated my whole life when I learned this.

Vikings Had Fantastic Hygiene

viking hygiene

Excavation sites have found tons of grooming materials vikings used. Vikings practiced self care, which is pretty damn iconic.

Vikings Enjoyed Skiing

viking skiing

6,000 years ago vikings had a primitive version of skis. There's even a god of skiing, Ullr.

Vikings All Wanted to Be Blond

viking blond

Vikings would dye their hair blond, if it wasn’t already, by using strong soap and high lye contents to bleach the hair.

Viking Actually Means “Pirate Raid”

viking pirate raid

Vikings have massive similarities to pirates, but not many people associate the two.

Vikings did a lot of what pirates did in sailing the seas, raiding ships, and looking for loot.

Vikings Were Nomadic

viking nomads

Vikings never were a unified group, meaning they never even identified themselves as “vikings”, since viking is just a term for a Scandinavian who sailed the seas.

Vikings Were Slave Traders

viking slave traders

Vikings took part in the slave trade on the seas, which was a very popular tactic in early piracy.

Vikings Got to America before Columbus

viking america columbus

Yeah that’s right, suck it, Columbus. 

We should have a National Vikings Appreciation Day, but at least we have Leif Erickson Day.

Thursday Means “Thor’s Day”

viking thorsday thursday

The name is derived from Old English and Middle English, and honors the Norse God of Thursday.

Who knew Thursday was so badass?

 Vikings Were Obsessed with Physical Activity

viking physical activity

Vikings played tons of sports which kept them shredded as hell.

Although reportedly they never once slam dunked a basketball.

“Berserkers” Were the Most Badass Vikings

viking berserkers

Berserkers were the champion warriors in Viking-land. The name lends itself to the English word 'berserk,' which might happen to you when you play Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Swords Were Beloved, but Many Didn’t Own One

viking swords

Swords back then were extremely expensive, which meant only a select few had one.

Having a sword back then was basically the equivalent to having a really nice car or some iced-out bling.

Vikings Were Buried Dead in Boats

viking boat burial

Vikings loved boats, and would have ceremonies for their dead and bury them with prized possessions in them.

Today this tradition lives on in Norwegian people burying their dead on jet skis.

Viking Women Could Inherit Property

viking woman property

Viking women enjoyed slightly more freedoms than other European women of that time.

Women could even get a divorce, but they still weren't allowed to touch the remote.

Vikings Loved Farming

viking farming

Vikings spent most of their time tending to barely and oats with a scythe, rather than murdering everyone in sight with an axe.

Sounds like a bunch of soy boys to me.

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