'League of Legends' Halloween Skins Ranked in Order of Spoopiness

halloween pumpkin carving pc gaming computer setup

Riot Games just released some new Halloween-themed skins for League of Legends and unlocked the ability to purchase previously unavailable Halloween skins (a nice touch for anyone who missed out on them in the past).

Some of these skins are the most creative and visually stunning ones Riot has ever come up with.

So just for the heck of it, we're ranking the top ten skins you can grab right now in League of Legends for the Halloween season.

Trick or Treat Ekko


I’ve been waiting to pick this skin up all year. The in-game animations are beautiful and it really shines with Ekko's ultimate, Chronobreak.

The visual effect from that move produce an explosion of purple and green, perfect for the Halloween season.

Zombie Slayer Pantheon


Vital to any pantheon players collection is the Zombie Slayer Pantheon.

This skin is one of the most badass in the game, with his helmet and mohawk as the star of the show. My friend finally picked this skin up and I think he actually shed a tear of joy.

Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks


I haven’t vibed with too many of Fiddlesticks skins, so I’m glad to now have this one in my collection.

There’s something about Fiddlesticks having a pumpkin for a head that just feels right.

Pumpkin Prince Amumu


Pumpkin prince Amumu must be defended at all costs.

Our lonely boy has never looked better, and this skin is by far the best one they’ve released out of the collection of new Halloween skins.

Zombie Brand


Brand looks disgusting and rotten, which makes this skin perfect.

The visual effects in-game are pretty incredible because the make his green aura really pop off the screen.

Bewitching Janna


Janna’s staff has a damn pumpkin head on it, and she looks great with her big round Harry Potter glasses. And yet, the pumpkin kitten on her shoulder somehow steals the show.

Bewitching Miss Fortune


There are a ton of Miss Fortune skins to pick from, but this one is far and beyond the best choice.

That's because this one has the added fun of having candles for guns. It really can't get much better.

Bewitching Elise


Elise joined the Bewitching crew, and her spiderlings looks fantastic with the purple and green infused into them.

Elise was also a natural for having a Halloween skin, so it's good Riot finally made that happen.

Witch’s Brew Blitzcrank


When the designers were working on this one, they must have said, “Blitzcrank, but make him scary as hell”, because that's how this turned out.

This skin looks great when you're playing with it, especially Blitz’s shiny eyeball looking like Sauron on top.

 Count Kassadin


Kassadin as a vampire just feels rightl The color tones on this skin are a bit darker than the other Halloween skins which makes this one stand out to me as a must-have for Kassadin players.

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