Scientists Say Gov't Should Buy Kids Video Games, Parents Disagree

guy holding playstation controller

SAGE, the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies in the UK, released a paper suggesting that people ages 19 to 28 who are isolating because of coronavirus should get free gaming gear.

The paper argues that young people desperately need free video games because they haven't been complying with COVID-19 restrictions due to their “lack of trust in government and lack of clear information.”

It turns out that only "free mobile phone data, streaming and gaming” will keep the kids in check.

Young people naturally want to hang out, smoke weed and play with Tech Decks. Those things are now difficult to do because of COVID-19, so I think it’s reasonable to give young people a stipend to spend on video games.

How this would shake out with real policies is a tricky question. There would have to be a specific age group the government would pick (18-29 the paper suggests), and of course every 30 year old would be rightfully pissed off.

The pay out wouldn’t be too difficult to parse as I think if this actually happened that the government could just give out pre-paid cards out to those who qualified.

Sadly, the U.S. government can’t even give out cash to its citizens in need at the moment, so this entire scenario is incredibly unlikely in the State. If we can’t get the basics like food and shelter down, Xbox is super far down the line. 

Boomers took offense at this proposal, claiming video games are a waste of time and young people should instead be reading books, knitting sweaters, and getting a job.

they shouldn't have to stay at home at all. you're destroying their social skills.

But as long as old people continue to get all their news from Facebook and never question it one bit, I say the government should definitely buy us all PS5's.

Apparently you can't even watch porn on the new console so this solution is completely family friendly.

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