20 Memes for Gamers Who Play on Peaceful

These funny gaming memes are for the people who play on peaceful. After all, without the challenge of monsters, foes, or other players hunting to take you down, things can get quite dull from time to time, and you might need to entertain yourself. These memes are a perfect way to do so, though they may not match the heightened plane you no doubt believe yourself to be on.

Because when you play on peaceful you don't need anything for entertainment other than the natural divine beauty that is life and liberty, that is freedom from confine, and that is the world around us. You don't need struggle, because that struggle has already taken place within you, and tranquility has prevailed. Your entertainment comes simply from satisfaction. But if you ever need them these memes will always be here to help you stay engaged, and ward off those thoughts of giving it a go on hardcore.
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