20 Memes For Gamers Who Play on PC

So, you're tired of arguing with your gaming friends. One of them proclaims that Xbox is best, with its exclusives like Forza and Halo. One of them loves PS5, claiming that it performs the best of all the consoles, and the controller feel is the best. One of your friends loves his Nintendo, explaining his library of games that can't be found anywhere else. One of your friends even prefers the mobility of his Android phone, the loony. Oh, and we're not even going to mention the guy that says his Mac laptop actually plays Minecraft pretty well so he's all set on the gaming front.

Obviously your PC is superior to them all. Half of their exclusives now exist for you anyway, you have the best graphics, best frame-rate, best library, no online charge, and you can even use their controllers if you so wish despite the fact mouse and keyboard is faster and more accurate. Best just to show them some gaming memes and let them come to that conclusion themselves.
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