20 Memes Laughing at GameStop for Closing 400 Stores in 2020

While GameStop has been dealing with bankruptcy issues for a while now, they recently announced they will be closing 400 stores by the end of this year, as well as more in 2021.

Like most large gaming institutions, GameStop has become an easy target for any and all gamers' frustrations. But they've also been guilty of some unforgivable trespasses, and now their reckoning is upon them.

If you've ever tried to trade in or sell a game to GameStop, or considered buying one of their mysteriously overpriced used games, you know the sting of being screwed over by a big box store.

So with GameStop hurting more than ever, why don't we all take in some classic memes poking fun at the store that both helped a lot of gaming communities and took all their money.

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