20 Nintendo Memes to 'Switch' it Up

The third lap has just begun on your MarioKart race on Rainbow Road. You're winning the race, smashing everyone with the absolute stud that is Toadette. This race means everything. The cup points are all tied up, and it was agreed between you and your friends that the loser of this cup buys the pizza dinner into your man cave tonight, and considering all of your one buddy are over in your basement that will require a full mega bottle of Mountain Dew to go with it, and your mom hasn't given out your allowance yet.

But here comes the blue shell! The icon hovers over you like a rain cloud before a wedding, dooming happily ever after from before it even begins. The result is inevitable. You are hit. That loser Dave wins the race. You're buying the Mountain Dew. I guess you'll just have to look at some gaming memes instead to cheer you up.
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