20 Spider-Man Gaming Memes to Complete Your Multiverse

You're swinging from building to building, virtually feeling the rush of wind around your body, and physically feeling it through the vibrations in your controller. As enjoyable as this is, you're on an urgent mission to save Mary Jane, who's been captured yet again, (she can never seem to stay out of trouble), and it is just up to you to save her. You swing in, ready to face the scores of bad guys standing in your way.

Using moves and combos you've perfected through hours of playing the game, you slap, punch, kick, and swing through henchman after henchman, ever nearing the beckoning from Mary Jane's sweet voice. But then here comes the boss! He's too much, and you die again. Turns out that just like in real life, you can't even impress a girl in a game. Oh well, you can look at some cool gaming memes to make you feel good instead.
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