20 Memes to Help Finish Your Character Creation

You just bought this fantastic game you've been waiting so long to play. You load it up, and it's time to go... you just have to make your character first. This should nice and quick. Choose this build, these glasses, that hair, maybe some nice clothes. Or... well... maybe you could go a little bigger on the hair. What about a mullet, those are in these days, or a pink afro? That would really get the people noticing you. But your eyebrows just don't look right. You can't spend 70 hours in a game with wonky eyebrows now can you. And that jacket has to go, let's upgrade to a suit... no, too pretentious. Some slacks?

Oh well, it's three in the morning and you're not done with the character. Time to look at some fun gaming memes instead of playing. You can finish that character tomorrow, and really get the show on the road.
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