22 Memes For Gamers Who Watch the Cutscenes

That time is coming in a game. The pace is quickening, the difficulty is rising, and the heart is pumping. Drama leads to twists and heartbreaks, and all of your favorite non essential characters could now meet their demise at any point. Every time you beat a challenge you're almost hoping for the screen to zoom out, for there not to be another wave of enemies, for you to watch a cutscene and finally learn what is to become of this time, energy, and emotion you've invested into this masterpiece of a game.

There it is, the screen goes black, the music plays... and your little brother playing co-op with you hits A to skip the cutscene and it all gets ruined just like that. Well, at least you can go and look at some gaming memes to take your mind off the spoilers you've just learned.
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