23 Trending Gaming Memes to Help You Dig for Diamonds

Ever since Rockstar announced the release of its highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI, the entire gaming world has been looking for something to grab its attention, seeing as GTA won't be doing so until 2025 or later depending on your console of choice. And unless you've just been taken by the new and marginally disappointing Forza Motorsport, it might be time to turn your attention back to an old faithful if you need a gaming outlet to take your mind off of things.

Because no matter how old you get, I bet you still know how to punch a tree, make a crafting bench, get down into some caves, and find some diamonds. Indeed, Minecraft is far from the barebones experience it once was, but when that music chimes in as you're building a dirt box you'll call home, you'll be hit by a wave of blocky nostalgia like no other.

If you think you're too old for Minecraft, just know that it's far from the game it once was. So even if you don't know why the zombie pigmen are angry at you, or why the caves look so funny all of a sudden, at least you'll get a new experience until Rockstar finally gets their stuff together. 

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