25 Memes For the Gamers Who Charge Solo

It's time to charge soon! The map is closing in and you can see another squad of four just appearing over the horizon. This is it! If you want to win the battle royal you're going to have to take down that squad, like you and your team have taken down all the other squads you've encountered in this match. It's time for some coordinated teamwork, flanking, and communication to win this match, and end the night on a high.

But you've played great so far! You have six kills! You don't need your team, you're a stud! Why are they off collecting materials anyway! You have what is takes to win this and be the hero! "LEROY JENKINS" you scream while charging solo... and getting instantly killed. You lost, and your friends are going to blame you. Well, best just to cool off with some gaming memes instead. You don't need a team to do that.
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