25 Minecraft Memes to Help You Find Diamonds

You're mining for diamonds, because of course you are. You are tired of using iron tools, and iron armor. It's time for an upgrade, and for that you have to make your way down into the deep dark caves that are now even deeper and darker than they were before per the last update. You crawl through an abandoned mineshaft, gingerly dodging nests of poison spiders, and skeleton spawners, eyes peeled for that turquoise glean.

And then you see it! Across the cavern, glistening like the sun off of water, ripe for the taking, exposed in the cave wall. It's diamond time. You carefully make your way over to it, whip out that iron pick axe and... psssSSSS... BOOM! Creeper. You're dead. There's no way you remember how to get back there and get your stuff. Oh well, time to delete this world and look at some gaming memes instead.
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