23 'Palworld' Memes That are Better Than 'Pokemon'

Do you know what the most popular game on Steam, and fastest growing game in the world is right now? If you answered Palworld, Pocket Pair's open world action-adventure survival game that is totally not Pokémon, then you'd be correct. 

Believe it or not, Palworld hit 1.82 million concurrents yesterday, making it the second most populated game in Steam history, surpassing the mark set by Counter-Strike 2, and putting it right behind PUBG: Battlegrounds' 3.26 million. It has since climbed to over 2 million concurrents, but as popular as it is, things aren't all friendly. The game takes heavy inspiration from Pokémon, with many of its "Pals" obviously direct rip-offs of Nintendo's classic creatures. This has led many to dub the game "Pokémon with guns," but even the biggest Pokémon fans have found themselves jealous of Palworld's construction. "Pokémon needs to get their act together and make their games run as well as Palworld," one meme points out. 

In honor of Palworld's rise to the top, here are 25 Palworld memes that are better than Pokemon. "Who's that Pokemon!? It's Palworld!!"

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