24 Memes For Gamers Who Play on Legendary

So, you've turned the difficulty up to legendary? The time has come. You have spent weeks, months even, mastering and fine tuning your skills through easy, normal, and heroic. You know the campaign inside and out, where the tough enemies are, and how to attack them. You are in essence, a legend of the game yourself, if only through the narrative of the game that you have now played through multiple times.

So you take the plunge, you restart the campaign, and slide that difficulty all the way up. It's time to show your friends that you have what it takes! Oh, Jackal snipers can one shot you now. Maybe this might be a little harder than you thought. That's ok, take a break and look at this great batch of gaming memes, sure to restore your confidence, and give you a nice dose of happiness. So re-fill that over shield and go get them. Or looks at some more memes.
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